Celebration of Heart Month in February 2007

February 01, 2007

During the American Heart Association celebration of Heart Month in February 2007, The Joel and Joan Smilow Cardiac Rehabilitation and Prevention Center of the Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine partnered with different NYU Schools, Departments and Programs to highlight cardiovascular risk and promote heart healthy lifestyles.

On February 2nd, 2007 in partnership with the NYU Cardiovascular Institute, we participated in an all day cardiovascular health promotion program with Blood Pressure, BMI, point of service cholesterol and diabetic screenings and we provided heart healthy education counseling to the local community residents and NYUMC employees. The Cardiac Rehabilitation Center screened over 400 participants. In addition, on February 16th, the Cardiac Rehabilitation Center partnered with the NYU Institute of Community Health and Research and their Center for the Study of Asian American Health to participate as health educators in a program of “Heart to Heart Roundtables- A focus on CVD & Asian Americans”. There were over 50 participants that were educated on cardiovascular risk in the Asian American and culturally specific Asian health promotion interventions on diet counseling, exercise and compliance with cardiac medications were discussed. Furthermore, on February 21st, we partnered with the NYU Nursing Faculty Practice, in a Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease Awareness, and Hepatitis B Screening Health Fair to promote a wellness lifestyle approach. There were over 170 participants that were educated in cancer, cardiovascular disease, and hepatitis awareness. On February 22nd, Nurse Practitioner Madeleine Lloyd and I gave a presentation to the patients’ of the NYU Chapter of Mended Hearts on the topic of the Bi-directional Relationship between Depression and Coronary Heart Disease. There were over 35 participants that attended.

Overall, the Cardiac Rehabilitation and Prevention Center had a very successful heart month of community outreach to approximately 650 participants.