Vision Rehabilitation

Rusk's Vision Therapy Program offers comprehensive visual perceptual rehabilitation for individuals who have hand-eye coordination problems or visual perceptual difficulties as the result of a stroke, brain injury, or other neurological disorder.

Our occupational therapists work collaboratively with patients’ physicians which may include physiatrists, ophthalmologists, neurologists, and specialized neuro-optometrists to develop specialized treatments that address the specific needs of each patient. State-of-the-art equipment used in this program includes a Dynavision, a Wayne Saccadic Fixator, and a variety of computer exercises designed to improve visual tracking skills, fine motor skills, and hand eye coordination. During treatment, therapists work closely with patients to improve the skills necessary for reading, writing, cooking, shopping, and safe travel within the community, with the aim of helping them reach the highest possible level of independence in all daily activities.

Read the story of Mary Smith, who had vision therapy at Rusk.

To obtain a referral form for Rusk’s Vision Therapy program, click here.