Vocational Counseling Service

Rusk’s Vocational Counseling Service focuses on individualized career development, including career exploration, academic goals and vocational alternatives. This takes place through an ongoing process, in which we work with each client to examine their interests, abilities, and objectives, as well as their functional limitations and compensatory strategies. Our vocational counseling program addresses the following areas:

  • Work readiness
  • Establishing a vocational goal
  • Identifying transferable skills and interests
  • Exploring issues of accessibility, accommodations and job modifications
  • Financial disincentives and benefits
  • Adjustment to disability in a vocational context

Rusk’s vocational counselors can also assist clients in contacting their employer when they’re preparing to return to a job; provide referrals to the state vocational rehabilitation agency and other service organizations as well as disability services at colleges and schools; and identify and coordinate access to other outside resources.