Work Readiness & Job Skills Training Program

Rusk’s Work Readiness & Job Skills Training program provides an opportunity to develop the skills and behaviors necessary for a successful career. Work readiness training is modeled after on-the-job training programs, in which participants learn work behaviors and job skills in actual workplace settings. Trainees are placed in offices, housekeeping areas, food service operations, information technology services, patient admitting areas, employee health services, and other worksite locations either on the NYU Langone Medical Center campus or in external organizations. At these worksites, they receive supervised training and gain real work experience while refining their work behaviors and job skills. The Work Readiness program provides participants an opportunity to:

  • develop and test compensatory strategies
  • identify and try out accommodations and job modifications, including assistive technologies
  • increase their physical stamina and tolerance for work
  • explore alternate occupations
  • determine their optimal work environment based on their specific needs
  • learn job skills and obtain a current job reference

Throughout the program, participants meet weekly with a rehabilitation counselor to address work- and training-related issues, including the development of compensatory strategies for work skills and job-seeking skills. The counselor monitors the participant’s progress and provides job coaching as needed, and may also consult with the site supervisor and staff on disability-related issues. Clients who complete the program may either get placed in a job or be referred to an occupational skills training school or an academic program.